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UNHCR Chad: Situation Report #4 on the Arrival of New Refugees from Cameroon - Province of Chari-Baguirmi (27 September 2021)

Situation Report
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8 749 - Number of individuals registered (L1) by UNHCR (2,248 households)

93% - Percentage of women and children

7 787 - Number of curative consultations

289 991 - Number of hot meals distributed


On 23 September 2021, the National Commission for Assistance to Refugees and Returnees (CNARR) and the UNHCR, accompanied by local authorities, visited the sites of Cameroonian refugees settled in the Chari-Baguirmi region, including Oundouma, Bourgouma 1 and 2,
Ngama-Kotoko and Ngama-Sara.

The mission’s objective was twofold:

  1. To inform the refugees of the organisation of a "go and see" visit to the villages in Cameroon.

  2. To ask the refugees to designate representatives who will accompany the CNARR, the UNHCR and the local authorities to inform themselves on the security and humanitarian conditions in the areas of return to Cameroon.

This visit will allow refugees to report back to their communities after their return to Chad and to ensure that the decision to return voluntarily to the country of origin is well informed.
Twelve people were identified in three different sites - two women and two men from each site - in Oundouma, Bourgouma and Ngama Kotoko.