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UNHCR Chad: Situation Report #2 on the Arrival of New Refugees from Cameroon - Province of Chari-Baguirmi (10 September 2021)


11,000: Estimated number of new arrivals from Cameroon at the first assessment

8,749: Number of individuals registered (L1) by UNHCR (2,248 households)

93%: Percentage of women and children

3,023: Number of medical consultations

209,023: Number of hot meals distributed at 5 sites


  • Pre-registration of refugees has been completed. Currently, 8,749 individuals, or 2,248 households, have been registered.

  • Since the beginning of the intervention, the Red Cross of Chad (CRT) has distributed 209,023 hot meals (124,865 more since the last report). The mobile clinics have treated 3,023 patients (768 more since the last report).

  • 30 latrines and 30 showers have been set up, 20 in Oundouma, 6 in Ngama Kotoko and 4 in Bourgouma-01.

  • 10 community hangars were built, 8 in Oundouma, 2 in Ngama Kotoko and 2 in Bourgouma-01.

  • 4 midwives are providing assistance to pregnant women and 1,000 dignity kits have been distributed.

  • Children's play activities were organized in Oundouma and Ngama Kotoko, and 195 toys (balloons, cars, animals, etc.) were distributed to refugee children.