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Sudan: INTERSOS-UNHCR - A new WebGIS platform for returnee monitoring in West Darfur


A pilot WebGIS platform to support Returnee Monitoring in West Darfur

This is a pilot Open- Source WebGIS platform developed by INTERSOS, with the technical support of the research center ITC-irst and its spin-off MPA Solutions, to support returnee monitoring in West Darfur (Sudan) for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The Darfur crisis requires that the most timely data sharing be applied in managing information about the humanitarian situation regarding refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). We have developed methods and a prototype system to integrate and distribute information regarding such displacements and the involved camps and villages. Sectoral information is stored in a unified geodatabase and can be consulted on-line. The goal of presenting this data online is to strengthen the capacity to share information with UNHCR, as well as with other UN agencies and NGOs, integrating all the actors in a wide-spread collaborative information sharing system.

We hope that in the future this tool will help to avoid duplicated assessments and will facilitate identification of the humanitarian assistance gaps. We invite all agencies operational in West Darfur to adopt this common tool of analysis testing its effectiveness and providing feedback.