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Sudan: Darfur Crisis Rain Timeline - July 7, 2005

Time remaining before seasonal rains cut off sites in Darfur and Eastern Chad

Seasonal rains have set in over most of Darfur and Eastern Chad hampering access to IDPs and refugees. All efforts should be made to provide refugees and IDPs with shelter and to preposition or distribute relief supplies to last through the rainy season. While large towns in Darfur are accessible, surrounding areas face access difficulties. Rains have already cut off certain areas in West and South Darfur. In addition, the rains are limited fuel deliveries and contributing to fuel shortages in Sudan. Over the next month the rains will advance to their furthest northern positions and continue to hamper transport throughout the region.

Regional Overview: Transport Corridors

Darfur Crisis Seven Day Rainfall Forecast
July 7 - July 13, 2005

- In Chad, seasonal rains have started and are expected to continue across Ouaddai and southern Biltine prefectures. Some of the rain is expected to be heavy.

- Seasonal rains have started and will continue across South Darfur, most of West Darfur an southern North Darfur. Some of the rain is expected to be heavy.

- Less frequent showers are expected across northern Biltine, far northern West Darfur and central North Darfur. Some of the showers may produce heavy rain.

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