Regional Humanitarian Funding Update, Sept - Dec 2008

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 19 Dec 2008
The Regional Humanitarian Funding Update provides a quarterly overview of funding levels and trends in the 18 countries of the Central and East Africa region (CEA1) based on data reported to the Financial Tracking System (FTS2). The CEA region faces the greatest level of humanitarian need anywhere in the world. Out of the 12 Consolidated Appeals for humanitarian assistance in 2009, 7 were issued in response to emergencies in the CEA region.

Contents and Major Findings

- 2009 CAP requirements in the CEA region total USD 5.1 billion; 7 of 12 CAPs launched globally are for CEA country needs; food aid and agriculture requirements top up at 2.5 billion;

- 52% NGO Participation in the 2009 Consolidated Appeals Process globally;

- 2008 Consolidated Appeals in the CEA region 71% funded in total USD 3.2 billion;

- CERF Fund's allocations in 2008 to CEA region.

2009 CAP Launch

On 19th November 2008, the United Nations launched the Consolidated Appeals for 2009 requesting USD 7 billion dollars to provide humanitarian assistance to 30 million people in 31 countries.

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