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The real meaning of peace in Chad

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 11:09

As the year draws to a close we asked three of our education team in Bredjing refugee camp in Chad to tell us why peace is paramount to the young generation of Sudanese growing up in their care:

Abdarhamane Ibrahim Abdallah, Teacher
“Peace is one of the names of God, the Creator. Without peace the world would not exist. It’s the reason why, as an educator I must always strive for peace by teaching children, students and parents to have the spirit of tolerance, forgiveness and peaceful coexistence.”

Alfafiz Ibrahim Idriss, Teacher
“Peace is a blessing from God and is also the basis of society. If there is no peace, then there can be no development and progress in human lives. It’s because of the lack of peace in their home land in Sudan that these children are refugees in Chad.”

Aboubakar Zakaria Mahamat, School Inspector
“Peace is the top priority for all who live down here. Violence is the enemy of peace. That is why I am involved in educating children to practice the culture of peace by having love for one another, a spirit of solidarity and above all, forgiveness. Violence doesn’t solve problems, it makes things worse. I always say to our children in the camp that because of the lack of peace in our country we have become residents of the refugee camps. So peace is sacred. Without peace no one can achieve.”