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Rapid Assessment Report - Lake Chad Region, Chad (March 25-30 2015)

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Executive Summary
General Situation of the Area
Continued violence by Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria has caused the displacement of 15, 000 Nigerians into Chad, 8,500 Chadians that were living in Nigeria, and 14,500 Chadians that have fled the violent attacks within in Chad in March (IDPs). Refugees are being relocated from various islands and other communities to the camp at Dar es Salaam, 12km. from Baga Sola. Most returnees, however, have settled with extended family members resident in the region. IDPs as well are settling in host communities. This represents a more than 20% population increase in the sub-prefectures of Bol and Baga Sola. The last three harvest were below normal, and food shortages of approximately 1-2 months are common in the region. Maize is the main crop, and fishing is very common. The local market is quite dependent on trade with Nigeria, so the closure of the border has severely affected the economy, with prices of foods and essential commodities doubling or tripling.