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Lac Chad Basin Crisis (LCBC) Bi-weekly Food Security & Market Watch (05th February 2016)

Situation Report
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• Food security situation:

  • Critical food security situation in NE Nigeria, especially in three IDP camps in Borno State: Dalori 1, Dalori 2 and Madinatu (Source: FAO/FSTG NE).

  • In Niger, 100,000 newly displaced along the National Route Number 1 (since November 2015), which links Diffa to Niamey, are a mixed population of Nigerian refugees, local villagers, internally displaced people from 170 villages near borders which left empty after BH attacks. (Source:

  • In Chad, 22 IDPs sites in western Lake Region are again accessible after a period of insecurity concerns. More than 56,000 persons are in precarious food and nutrition situation (Source: MSA). Magui site may be the largest one with around 12,000 persons (Source: ACF). WFP has started food distributions.

  • In Cameroon, authorities in Far North region announced the closure of some border markets next to Kousseri (Source: Partners on the ground).

• NE Nigeria: Ongoing interventions from the government and food security sector actors are reaching approximately 479,000 persons in Borno and Yobe states. However, more than 313,000 Nigerians in CH 4 and 5 urgently require food assistance, including 135,000 people living in inaccessible rural areas (Source: Food and Nutrition Security Situation in the North East).

• Diffa Region (Niger): FS interventions are mainly concentrated in the communes affected by population movements: a total of 227,000 people (84% of those in needs) were reached by emergency distributions in those communes and 29,000 (15% of those in needs) people in other communes in December 2015 (Source: Niger Food Security Partners bulletin n°6).

• Region Lac (Chad): WFP is in the process of introducing cash based assistance for IDPs based in sites around Bol. Beneficiary selection will be based on socio-economic vulnerability (A targeting exercise is planned to be gradually rolled out through the region (Source: Task Force minute).

• In Far North Region of Cameroon, A total of 70,000 Nigerian refugees has currently been registered including 55,000 in Minawao camp. And 93,000 IDPs. (Source:

• Regional market study: Data collection has been completed in Chad, Cameroon and Niger. Data analysis started in Chad and preliminary results are ready (Summary on page 2). Final results are expected mid-February for Niger and Cameroon. In Nigeria: data analysis in Maiduguri town is ongoing and as well as in Adamawa, Yobe and South Borno states.

• Food Security Task Group (FSTG) led by FAO and WFP was set up for Northeast Nigeria to coordinate partners active in Food Security and Livelihoods programming. The last meeting was held in Abuja on Tuesday 2nd February in order to discuss the urgent food security situation in three camps of Borno state (Dalori 1, Dalori 2 and Madinatu) and to prepare the operational food security response plan in NE Nigeria. (Source:

• The Pop-Up Hub team carried out several missions to Lac Region (Chad), to reinforce WFP’s response to the thousands of newly displaced North of Bagasola, coordination efforts and to support the introduction of Cash Based Transfer work in the Region. Missions were also carried out to Northern Cameroon. The team gave special attention to roll out of the nutrition integrated approach as systematic part of the response in all EMOP countries. The PUH team also supported the organization of the regional market study, including training of data enumerators and supervision of fieldwork.

The WFP security team organized a Security Awareness Training for WFP and partner staff in Bol. Special attention was paid to the safety of female staff in the field (w-sat). The PUH security officers also worked on the security sector analysis for introduction of CBT in Cameroon and Chad.