Joint Communique of the First Meeting of the Sudan-Chad-UNHCR Tripartite Commission on Voluntary Repatriation of Sudanese Refugees Living in Chad

  1. At the invitation of the Government of the Republic of Chad, the first meeting of the Tripartite Commission (TC) for the Voluntary Repatriation of Sudanese Refugees Living in Chad was held in N'Djamena on 14 September 2018. This Meeting was preceded by that of the Technical Working Group.

  2. The Delegation of the Government of the Republic of Sudan was led by Mr. Hamad ELGIZOULI MOROWA, Commissioner for Refugees (COR).

  3. The Delegation of the Government of the Republic of Chad was led by Mr. Mahamoud Mahamat ACYL, Permanent Secretary (CNARR), representing the Minister (Administration du Territoire, de la Seeurite Publique et de la Gouvernance Locale).

  4. The Joint UNHCR Sudan and UNHCR Chad Delegation was led by Mr. Mbili AMBAOUMBA, UNHCR Representative in Chad.

  5. The heads of the Sudanese and Chadian delegations praised the cordial friendship and cooperation existing between the two countries.

  6. The Tripartite Commission reviewed progress in relation to the return of Chadian and Sudanese refugees, including key activities carried out such as visits to six camps in eastern Chad by Sudanese Authorities to share information with the refugees; Go-and-See/Come-and —Tell Visits by refugees to the Sudan, and several cross-border visits by authorities from the two countries.

  7. The Tripartite Commission noted challenges faced in implementing the voluntary repatriation of Sudanese refugees. Such challenges include the need for robust mechanisms for sharing information with refugees on conditions in areas of return; logistical difficulties due to rains and lack of funding for the operation which the Tripartite Commission noted is largely due to donor priorities associated with the multiple displacement crises in the world today.

  8. The Tripartite Commission received a briefing from the Sudanese Delegation on measures that have been put in place to address security concerns and issues of access to land. These measures include the training of 1,300 police officers in Darfur as well as the establishment of local Commissions to ensure safety of returnees and the resolution of land disputes.

  9. The Parties to the Tripartite Commission named their representatives to the Commission, the Technical Working Group and the Secretariat.

  10. The Tripartite also adopted its Rules of Procedure, a comprehensive Information Campaign & Advocacy document and agreed to set up a Joint Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism with a view to following up issues faced by returnees to compliment the work of the local Commissions established by the Sudanese Authorities.

  11. In the spirit of Doha Agreement, the Tripartite Commission agreed to plan a Conference designed to garner financial support for the voluntary repatriation exercise in due course.

  12. All the three parties welcomed the presence of the Resident Representative of the United Nations System and Humanitarian Coordinator in Chad.

  13. The Tripartite Commission agreed to resume the voluntary repatriation of Sudanese refugees by November, 2018. The next meeting of the Tripartite Commission will be held in Khartoum, Sudan on a date to be agreed.

N'Djamena, 14 September 2018

Republic of the Sudan
Member of the Commission

Member of the Commission

Republic of Chad
Member of the Commission