International seminar on Chad

from Government of Sweden
Published on 08 Aug 2008 View Original
On Thursday and Friday this week, Sweden has hosted an international seminar on Chad at Krusenbergs Herrg=E5rd in Uppland. The seminar was led by the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative Victor Angelo. Participants included representatives of the UN, the EU, African and other organisations and ten or so countries including Chad. Discussions mainly focused on how the international community should continue working in the country once the EU military operation (EUFOR) withdraws in March 2009.

"The EU, the UN and Africa must work together on a longterm policy for Chad. This seminar is a way for us to demonstrate our support for cooperation of this kind. By participating in EUFOR we have been able to help people affected by conflicts and other situations of violence in Chad and Darfur," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt.