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Hunger's global hotspots: 22 Oct 2008

Rome, 22 October 2008 - Facts, figures and the lastest updates from WFP's high profile emergencies.


Georgia: Last week the UN launched a revised flash appeal for the crisis. The appeal envisages continued food assistance to 100,000 people for a six-month period (October 2008 - March 2009).

The UN, EU and the World Bank Joint Needs Assessment Mission conducted in September 2008, proposed that donors extend fresh commitments in the amount of US$3.25 billion over a three-year period.

South Ossetia: WFP participated in an in inter-agency assessment mission in South Ossetia from 16-20 September. The mission concluded that humanitarian assistance needs identified could be addressed with a small-scale UN and NGO operation. However, humanitarian access and security arrangements are still to be negotiated. While immediate food needs in South Ossetia have been addressed through bilateral support from Russia, WFP recommends contingency planning for the needs of 40,000 vulnerable people through the winter months. These needs were included in the appeal to be issued as humanitarian access is negotiated and agreed among all concerned parties.


Access to water is getting increasingly difficult in the Bahai area including the Oure Casoni refugee camp. The drinking water contains 33 percent of mud and high chlorine content. The water source in Bahai has always been identified as the main cause of malnutrition.


Hurricanes and tropical storms Fay, Hanna, Ike and Gustav, killed over 700 people and led to widespread flooding, leaving vast areas of the country completely isolated. As of 20 October, WFP has distributed 5,063 metric tons of emergency food assistance to over half a million hurricane-affected people, including 3,404 mt in Gonaives only.