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from CORD
Published on 27 Sep 2013 View Original

We have continued to report on the incredible academic achievements of the Sudanese refugees in Chad. The standard has been incredible and our work is yielding real, measurable results.

The final examination results, across the Bredjine, Treguine, Farchana and Gaga camps, representing just over 24,000 children, revealed an 86.7% success rate. The performance is outstanding and whilst the examinations and age groups are very different, the UK success rate of pupils gaining five or more GCSE grade A—C is 81.1%.

This excellent achievement can be attributed to many factors. Throughout our work at the camps, we have seen great results (see left).

All of these things lead to one thing — Commitment.

And this can be no more highly demonstrated than in the case of 3 women at the Bredjing camp who, in the last few months, gave birth DURING their grade 8 examinations — and completed their exams at the Health Centre, with an exam supervisor (and their new baby!) present.

These people are remarkable in so many ways and the work in Chad is developing a new generation of educated, resourced and independent people who continue to inspire us all.

In Chad we have...

  • helped to train 700 teachers across the camps.
  • provided uniforms, books, pencils and basic equipment.
  • built classroom blocks
  • and safe latrines.
  • educated parents in the need for their children to learn.
  • minimised obstacles to education (such as the need for girls to spend their days collecting firewood) with ingenious alternatives such as the development of the solar cooker project.
  • supported, resourced and mentored parents as they built small businesses to raise profits to fund the schools themselves.