First Group of Qualified Chadians From France Arrive in Chad

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Chad - The first two Chadian medical doctors from France, part of the Assisted Return of the Chadian Qualified Nationals Project, have arrived at N’Djamena on Sunday, 17th February 2013. A gastroenterologist, Dr. Abakar Mahamat Abakar and an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Mbaindidje are the first of the Qualified Chadians who were living in France to have voluntarily registered for the project. The nine-month project is funded by UNDP and implemented by IOM together with the Chadian Ministry of Plan, Economy and International Cooperation.

“It's been a long time since I left Chad. As a gastroenterologist, I have been nursing the idea of returning to Chad to serve my compatriots, but the lack of means was the main constraint for me to return home. Often, we Chadians abroad gather to share ideas, proposals and concerns regarding the condition of the health sector in Chad,” says Dr. Abakar.

“I'm glad to be back home and I hope I’ll be able to realize my dream of supporting the Public Administration Services (Health and Higher Education) by providing care to the Chadian public at hospitals and Universities", said Dr. Mbaindidje upon arrival at N'Djamena airport

"My future expectations are to continue coming back to Chad with the GESST when I have free time so that patients and students can benefit from me. We also intend to further sensitize the Chadian authorities to support the initiatives of GESST in the near future,” added Dr. Abakar.

The project aims at facilitating the voluntary return of a total of 250 qualified Chadian nationals from France in the field of health and higher education. The first phase starts with 15 individuals and, funds allowing, it will continue up to its designated target.

The main objective of the project is to assist the qualified Chadian nationals to participate in the development of their country by enabling them to provide services and impart skills within the fields of their expertise to their countrymen and women.

The first phase aims to showcase the donors who will be anticipated to support the subsequent phases undertaken by IOM-UNDP with the ultimate goal of facilitating the return of qualified Chadian nationals from all over the world in all spheres of expertise.

Chad, like many developing countries, suffers from the loss of its qualified nationals who have migrated from their country during the times of war and instability in the Seventies and Eighties.

Since 2009, the Chadian authorities have made the facilitation of the return of their qualified nationals to the Country one of their priorities. They thus sought support from UNDP and IOM in areas of funding and expertise. As a response to the Government request, IOM has deployed an IOM expert in Chad in December 2012 who developed a project concept which was funded by UNDP.

The arrival of the two experts is timely as there has been a chronic lack of orthopedic services in the country for a long time. Gastroenterology is also another specialized field that is sought after due to the high frequency of both acute and chronic illnesses of the gastroenterological tract among the citizens.

The two Chadian experts are schedule to give lectures at the Faculty of Medicine after which they will immediately start providing their services at the N’Djamena Reference Hospital.

Upon arrival at N'Djamena International Airport they were met by the Secretary of the State of the Ministry of Plan, the Advisor of the Prime Minister, the UNDP Country Director, the IOM Chief of Mission in Chad as well as other government officials.

"The two Chadian doctors are well placed to provide better medical services: they speak the languages spoken in Chad, they share the culture and above all, they have a privilege of a local knowledge of a range of health matters. I would like to acknowledge UNDP’s tremendous material and moral support to make this first phase a success. I'm appealing to all other development partners for additional funding for this important national initiative which is part of the Millennium Development Goals,” says Qasim Sufi, IOM Chief of Mission in Chad.

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