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Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM): Chad - Logone Oriental Province, Dashboard #2 Data collection: October - November 2019 Publication Date: November 2019 Round 2

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Context and methodology

Ever since the start of the Central African crisis in 2013, Chadian nationals have been fleeing the Central African Republic to return to Chad, and in particular to the country's southern provinces (Moyen-Chari, Mandoul, Logone Oriental and Logone Occidental).

IOM is implementing the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in the Moyen-Chari and Logone Oriental provinces to gain a better understanding of the number and needs of returnees living in the province. Data is collected from key informants in sites and villages hosting returnees. This dashboard presents the findings of assessments carried out in October and November 2019 in 88 locations. A total of 77,650 returnees in 17,413 households were identified.

Results show that most of returnees (61%) live in displacement sites. The sites of Maïngama, Danamadja, Sido Est et Kobiteye being the largest ones.