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Crisis Watch N°45 - 1 May 2007



- summarises briefly developments during the previous month in some 70 situations of current or potential conflict, listed alphabetically by region, providing references and links to more detailed information sources (all references mentioned are hyperlinked in the electronic version of this bulletin);

- assesses whether the overall situation in each case has, during the previous month, significantly deteriorated, significantly improved, or on balance remained more or less unchanged;

- alerts readers to situations where, in the coming month, there is a particular risk of new or significantly escalated conflict, or a particular conflict resolution opportunity (noting that in some instances there may in fact be both); and

- summarises Crisis Group's reports and briefing papers that have been published in the last month.

CrisisWatch is compiled by Crisis Group's Brussels Research Unit, drawing on multiple sources including the resources of some 130 staff members across five continents, who already report on nearly 60 of the situations listed here. Comments and suggestions can be sent to

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April 2007 Trends

Deteriorated Situations

Chad (p.2)

Nigeria (p.4)

Philippines (p.7)

Somalia (p.3)

Turkey (p.9)

Improved Situations

Côte d'Ivoire (p.3)

Haiti (p.10)

Uganda (p.2)

Unchanged Situations

Afghanistan (p.5), Albania (p.7), Algeria (p.11), Armenia (p.8), Azerbaijan (p.8), Bangladesh (p.5), Basque Country (Spain) (p.9), Belarus (p.9), Bolivia (p.9), Bosnia & Herzegovina (p.7), Burundi (p.2), Central African Republic (p.2), Chechnya (Russia) (p.8), Colombia (p.10), Cyprus (p.9), Democratic Republic of Congo (p.2), Ecuador (p.10), Egypt (p.12), Ethiopia (p.2), Ethiopia/Eritrea (p.3), Fiji (p.7), Georgia (p.8), Guinea (p.4), Guinea-Bissau (p.4), India (non-Kashmir) (p.5), Indonesia (p.7), Iran (p.11), Iraq (p.11), Israel/Occupied Territories (p.10), Kashmir (p.5), Kazakhstan (p.4), Kosovo (p.8), Kyrgyzstan (p.4), Lebanon (p.10), Liberia (p.4), Macedonia (p.8), Maldives (p.5), Mauritania (p.12), Moldova (p.9), Morocco (p.12), Myanmar/Burma (p.7), Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan) (p.9), Nepal (p.6), Niger (p.4), North Caucasus (non-Chechnya) (p.8), North Korea (p.6), Northern Ireland (UK) (p.9), Pakistan (p.6), Peru (p.10), Rwanda (p.2), Saudi Arabia (p.11), Senegal (p.4), Serbia (p.8), Sierra Leone (p.4), Somaliland (p.3), Sudan (p.3), Sri Lanka (p.6), Syria (p.11), Taiwan Strait (p.6), Tajikistan (p.4), Thailand (p.7), Timor-Leste (p.7), Tonga (p.7), Turkmenistan (p.5), Ukraine (p.9), Uzbekistan (p.5), Venezuela (p.10), Western Sahara (p.12), Yemen (p.11), Zimbabwe (p.3)

May 2007 Watchlist

Conflict Risk Alerts

Conflict Resolution Opportunities