Chad: Update on the people having allegedly surrendered in the Lac region, Situation Report no 4 (09/01/2017)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 09 Jan 2017


  • Due to a lack of food for several days, most of the people having allegedly surrendered and held at Baga-Sola high school had fled the site in search of food. Most have returned, bringing the total to 327 people currently being held.

  • These 327 people have been relocated to a new site, still in Baga-Sola, following advocacy to free the high school and preserve its civilian character.

  • 457 out of 458 children transferred to their cantons of origin on 24 November were located by the joint follow-up missions by the authorities, UNICEF and NGO partners.

People presently at the site*
3 children waiting to be transferred to the CTO
Sources: authorities (as of 6 January 2017)

Children suspected of association with an armed group at the CTO in Bol, waiting to be reunified
Sources: authorities, UNICEF

Women and children transferred to their villages of origin (including 15 since 23 December)
Sources: authorities, UNICEF

Children reunified with their families (including 7 since 23 December)
Source: UNICEF

Situation Overview

Advocacy by the humanitarian community continues for competent authorities to clarify the status of the persons still being held and to provide for their vital needs, in accordance with human rights and the Geneva Conventions. Indeed, faced with unmet needs in food and blankets, people having allegedly surrendered have reportedly left the site in several waves since 22 December.

Of the 237 people who reportedly left the site, 233 have allegedly returned after a few days.
Following advocacy by the humanitarian community, Baga-Sola high school was freed and 327 people having allegedly surrendered are now held in a site close to the Tigo antenna, still kept under the Multinational Joint Taskforce’s surveillance.

The situation remains dynamic as people continue to surrender. The last wave dates back to 28 December: seven people including three women and two children have reportedly presented themselves to military authorities in Ngouboua.

Local authorities are carrying out preventive actions to sensitize populations on peaceful cohabitation in order to promote access to hygiene and sanitation, medical and nutritional care for people who have been transferred to their villages of origin.

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