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Chad: Quick Alerts - 5 March 2021

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COVID-19 update

As of 3 March, there have been 4,056 reported cases and 140 deaths in 17 provinces. Between 27 February and 3 March, 99 new cases were reported in five different provinces and in N’Djamena. Last week saw a slight decrease in the number of weekly cases, going down to 131 compared to 204 the week prior. (WHO situation reports)


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Camp hosting refugees from CAR reached maximum capacity: For the past two weeks, there has been a significant decrease in the number of asylum seekers crossing the border from CAR to Chad. This could be explained by the decrease in security incidents in CAR that have been the source of these population movements since December. UNHCR teams have suspended their registration operations and continue the transfer of registered refugees to Doholo camp. As of 18 February, 8,437 individuals (2,518 households) have been registered, among which 5,941 people (1,755 households) have already settled in the Doholo camp. Around 2,500 people remain at the border, but the Doholo camp has now reached its maximum capacity and is unable to host new arrivals. The Gondje camp -12 kms north of Goré, which hosts refugees arrived in 2003- is being expanded to host the rest of the new refugees. (OCHA, HCR)



NGO carjacked, no casualty reported: On 27 February, the NGO area coordinator in Eastern Chad reported a security incident involving his staff and equipment. Three NGO staff members aboard a vehicle were chased 40 km outside Abeche by unidentified persons who shot on the tires to stop the vehicle. The carjackers then proceeded to steal a computer as well as tools to prevent the staff from repairing the car. The staff were safely rescued, but the carjackers got away and have since not been apprehended. The local police and security forces in Abeche are still investigating the incident. (OCHA, NGO)

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