Chad: Quick Alerts - 18 December 2020

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COVID-19 update
As of 16 December, there have been 1,818 reported cases and 102 deaths in 17 provinces. Between 13 and 16 December, 48 new cases have been reported: all but two in N’Djamena (46), the rest in Mayo-Kebbi Est (2). The nineteen cases reported this week in N’Djamena are from prospective travelers, taking a required test in anticipation of their trips. In the Logone oriental province, where a cluster of cases had been detected in the refugee camps of Dosseye and Belom (Nya Pende department), all reported cases have now recovered according to UNHCR’s monitoring of the situation. Awareness-raising activities have been reinforced in the camps, while respecting barrier measures. While still urging caution, the Chadian Government has exceptionally decided to relax the current curfew across the country on Christmas eve (the night of 24 December), allowing movement that evening until 1am, instead of the regular times of 9pm (in N’Djamena) or 7pm in some provinces.
(WHO situational reports and UNHCR)


Ouaddaï, Batha, Tandjilé
Series of deadly conflicts between communities across country: On 12 December, in the locality of Achiguek (Batha province) a conflict between two communities resulted in 25 deaths. The Minister of Territorial Administration, Ismael Chaibo, travelled to the area the following day and stated: “This is not an intercommunal conflict; it is a territory issue between two communities”. Weapons and motorcycles were seized by the authorities and security and defence forces were deployed in the area. Several incidents occurred in different parts of the country around the same dates. On 10 December, in Doulbarit, 45 kms from Abeche (Ouaddaï province), media reported an incident between farmers and herders resulting in at least eight dead and 11 wounded. On 13 December, in the locality of Darengdje (Tandjilé province), a conflict between farmers and herders resulted in at least three deaths. Last month, on 23 November, in Mayo-Kebbi est province, a conflict between herders and farmers is reported to have resulted in 22 dead, 34 wounded and 66 arrests.

In reaction to the surge in deadly conflicts, the Government has ordered the reactivation of disarmament commissions in the country, charged with retrieving all illegally obtained weapons from civilians. The Government also announced a series of urgent measures to mitigate the situation, including strengthening awareness and prevention around the root causes of these conflicts, identifying all individuals or authorities implicated in the conflicts, and strengthening control over cross-border circulation of firearms with neighboring countries.
(OCHA and press)


World Bank funds a 15 million USD project for rural populations: The Rural Mobility and Connectivity Project for Chad is receiving 15 million USD in additional financing to improve access to markets and basic social services for rural populations. The project also seeks to provide an immediate and effective response in the event of a crisis or an emergency. This additional financing for the project is expected to benefit around 365,000 persons in the Mandoul and Moyen-Chari provinces, through the rehabilitation of approximately 400 km of roads and tracks. “Our new strategy for the Sahel includes national and regional projects and technical assistance initiatives designed to improve people’s living conditions and create an effective ecosystem that is crucial for shoring up security and stability in the region.”, said Ousmane Diagana, World Bank Vice President for Western and Central Africa. The World Bank is deeply engaged in the Sahel region and has made it a priority for the International Development Association (IDA)—the World Bank’s fund for the poorest—with the adoption of an integrated approach under the Sahel Alliance. The joint goal is to strengthen and coordinate the development and stabilization efforts of the G5 Sahel countries and support this work by providing 8.5 billion USD in IDA financing.
(World Bank)

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