Chad Monthly Food Security Report, February 2007

Situation Report
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This report covers the period from 1/30/2007 to 2/27/2007

As harvests of off-season “berbéré” crops continue, grain availability has improved in all parts of the country. Current grain supplies from recent harvests and expected output from harvests of “berbéré” crops will augment market inventories, driving down prices for millet (the staple grain crop), as is normal at this time of year. On three of the country’s four largest markets, millet prices have been declining. Despite the deterioration in terms of trade for sheep/millet in February of this year compared with December and January, they are still better than they were at any time between February and November 2006.

Conditions for the refugee population and local communities in areas receiving refugees and IDPs are encouraging, while the food security of IDPs is still being assessed.

Despite ongoing peace talks, renewed fighting in Ennedi between government troops and rebel forces could heighten security problems in that area, seriously undermining food security conditions in the northern and eastern reaches of the country. The redeployment of government troops to counter rebel offensives could reduce the strength of security forces in the most tightly controlled areas, which is liable to create a panic in local villages, triggering a new wave of IDPs.

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