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Chad: linking humanitarian and development action to address multiple crises, August 2019


Chad is affected by the Lake Chad Basin Crisis

Military operations and insecurity have resulted in the displacement of more than 192,000 people and affected already vulnerable local communities in the Lac province of Chad. Due to a recent upsurge in armed attacks, an estimated 40,000 people have reportedly been displaced in the province since the beginning of the year – including the arrival of refugees from Nigeria, returnees from Niger and the new displacement of previously displaced communities seeking security and assistance. The closure of the border with Nigeria, and the resulting movement restrictions continue to negatively impact livelihoods. This situation increases food insecurity and malnutrition and the exposure to protection risks such as gender-based violence. In a context of low development and poor access to essential basic services (health, education, water), displacements increase pressure on scarce existing structures, in turn potentially fanning inter-community tensions between host and displaced communities. Population displacement is complex and the multisector emergency response must be coupled with durable solutions to foster socio-economic integration and self-sufficiency, in order to avoid another protracted crisis.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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