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Chad: Humanitarian situation overview (August 2020)


In Chad, 6.4 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, that is nearly one in three people. The rainy season caused flooding in the central and southern provinces, the Lac and N’Djaména, affecting 188,915 people (37,783 households) as of 27 August, covering farming land, and impacting food security and livelihoods. The deterioration of the food and nutrition situation affects 5.9 million people, including more than two million in severe food insecurity. The prevalence of acute malnutrition is on the rise, with 18 out of 23 provinces in an alarming nutritional situation. Nearly two million people are affected by health emergencies, worsened by the COVID-19 global emergency and the restrictive measures taken to curb the pandemic, which has affected more than 1,000 people in Chad, including nearly 80 deaths at the end of August. The Ouaddaï province has recorded an outbreak of chikungunya in August 2020: 10,631 cases as of 31 August. Since January 2020, 8,499 measles cases and 39 deaths have been reported as well as 465,819 confirmed cases of malaria and 1,111 deaths. Since the beginning of the year and following recent intercommunal violence in Darfur, Chad has welcomed more than 18,500 new Sudanese refugees between January and mid-July 2020. In the Lac, the escalation of security incidents and recent floods have resulted in new waves of population movements: nearly 89,000 new IDPs have been recorded in recent months, including 33,355 as a result of flooding, which represents an increase of more than 43% in the number of IDPs compared to early 2020. In the South, the suspension of humanitarian activities on the Békan axis due to COVID-19 preventive measures deprived returnees and refugees of food aid and agricultural inputs from March to June.
Deportation movements from Libya to the Ennedi Ouest province have been recorded since mid-April. As of 26 July, 636 people have been deported and quarantined in the town of Ounianga Kébir.


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