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Chad: Humanitarian situation overview - 17th November 2021


In Chad, one in three people, or 5.5 million people, need humanitarian assistance in 2021. Food insecurity and malnutrition affect 5.1 million people, including more than 1.7 million in its severe form. Today, 1.7 million people are affected by health emergencies, particularly children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. From 1 January to 14 November, 2,449 suspected cases of measles including 13 deaths were reported, as well as 907,531 confirmed cases of malaria, including 1,492 deaths. Since its emergence in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected 5,279 people and has led to 177 deaths. The case fatality rate is high in the Lac province despite the low number of cases recorded: three deaths out of 54 positive cases (6% case fatality). In a transversal way, awareness-raising activities are systematically integrated in all the activities of the humanitarian actors in the Lac, to reduce the incidence of the disease.

More than one million people are in a situation of forced displacement in the country. These include 528,139 refugees, of which 376,126 in the East alone as of 30 September. The number of displaced people is 457,948, which includes 406,573 internally displaced persons (IDP), 29,263 returnees from abroad, as well as 22,112 IDP former returnees in the Lac province. The South records 89,858 Chadian returnees from the Central African Republic. In the Lac, insecurity due to non-state armed group attacks, rising water levels, and the search for humanitarian assistance has triggered regular displacements of populations. The number of cases of kidnapping of women and children is on the rise: 300 cases were recorded from January to September 2021. Following a conflict between herders and fishermen in the Logone-Chari department of Cameroon's Far North region, 8,749 individuals took refuge in the Chari-Baguirmi province in Chad and are currently being assisted by UNHCR.

As of 6 October, 256,214 people (42,765 households) have been affected by floods across the country, with the Tandjilé province being the most affected, with 160,955 people left homeless. As of 28 October 2021, flooding caused significant material and human damage in the Lac province, particularly on the island of Kinasserom; 23 households (115 people) were affected, including two children who drowned in Fourkoulom. In addition, a first case of non-criminal fire was recorded on the island of Farguimi, affecting 801 people (143 families).


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