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Chad Food Security Update, August 2013

Situation Report
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Stable food security, localized Stress in the southwest


  • With the green harvest, normal milk availability, and income from farm labor, most of the population is able to meet basic food consumption needs and are facing Minimal food insecurity (IPC Phase 1).

  • Food security in Logone Oriental, Tandjilé, Logone Occidental, and Mayo Kebbi Ouest is still Stressed (IPC Phase 2), where seasonal cereal prices are above the five-year average and household cereal stocks were depleted one to two months earlier than usual following floods in 2012.

  • The expected average October harvests will enable households to more easily meet their food needs between October and December. Normal supplies of milk and market garden produce diversify household food and income during this period. By October, acute food insecurity will be Minimal (IPC Phase 1) country-wide.