Chad Food Security Outlook Update April 2014 to September 2014

Situation Report
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Key Messages

  • Poor households in the Wadi Fira and southern Bahr El-Ghazel (BEG) areas are facing food consumption deficits on account of the premature depletion of their food stocks, the unusually steep increases in food prices, and poor pastoral conditions. While projected humanitarian assistance should prevent a further deterioration in their food security situation, these households will remain in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) until the upcoming October harvests.

  • Livestock body conditions in the Sahelian zone are poorer than usual due to pasture deficits in that area. This is reducing milk availability and livestock prices and is eroding the purchasing power of pastoralists. Affected households in the Batha, northern BEG, Kanem, Guera, Sila, and Hadjer Lamis areas will have difficulty maintaining their food access and, thus, will be Stressed (IPC Phase 2) between April and September.

  • The presence of refugees and returnees in Logone Oriental, Moyen Chari, Mandoul, and Salamat is creating additional costs for their host families, is increasing the household dependency ratio, or number of dependents per household, and is putting pressure on household demand, consumption, and spending. As a result, these households will be Stressed (IPC Phase 2).