Chad Food Security Outlook January through June 2013


Good rainfall levelsvisibly improve agropastoral conditions


  • Good 2012/13 harvests allowed very poor and poor households to replenish their food reserves. These reserves, which should last one to two months longer than usual, will reduce household dependence on market purchases between May and June.

  • Market prices across the country are stable and are trending downwards. Cereal prices should follow normal seasonal trends but will stay well above the five-year average. Thus, prices will remain stable between now and March before edging slightly upwards as of March/April.

  • Cash income sources from crop sales and off-farm activities will be normal to above-normal over the next six months. These relatively good incomes will help offset rising cereal prices as of March.

  • Food security conditions are steadily improving with the rebuilding of production capacity and the replenishment of livelihood assets. Likewise, current price levels are improving food access. Thus, households in all livelihood zones will face Minimal/None (IPC Phase 1) food insecurity between now and June.