Chad: Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) - Dashboard #127 (21 January 2022)


The objective of the Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) is to collect information on large and sudden population movements. Information is collected through key informant interviews or direct observation. This dashboard presents information on a movement of people that occurred on 21 December 2021 in Katoa, a locality in Mayo-Kebbi Est province, in the south of Chad.

On 21 December 2021, following a communal conflict in the Far North region of Cameroon, 104 households (745 individuals), made up of Chadian nationals, left the cantons of Pouce and Maouda (Cameroon), where they had been living for more than 40 years, to take refuge in the locality of Katao (in the sous-préfecture also called Katao, département of Mayo-Mini, province of Mayo-Kebbi Est). These people are being hosted in the building of the sous-préfecture and have received some basic food assistance from the host community. There are urgent needs for food and non-food items (especially blankets, mats, and cooking utensils). This information was gathered through a rapid assessment conducted in the field by IOM and National Commission for the Reception and Reintegration of Refugees (CNARR) teams.