Chad: Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) Report 21, Date of publication: 23 August 2019

from International Organization for Migration
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The purpose of the Emergency Tracking Tool is to gather information on large and sudden movements of populations. Data is collected through interviews with key informants or direct observation. This report presents information on movements that took place between 05 and 09 August 2019, in two villages of Ouaddai province.


Following intercommunal conflicts between herders and farmers in early August 2019, 745 households composed of around 5,200 individuals left the Hadjar Icheguire, Galgasse, Khara and Arisse villages between 05 and 09 August 2019 and fled to the villages of Chokoyane and Kongour. Apart from the village of Hadjar Icheguire located in the sous-préfecture of Marfa (Département of Ouara), all these villages are located in the sous-préfecture of Choyane (Département of Ouarra). On 18 August 2019, authorities established a state of emergency for three months in the provinces of Ouaddai and Sila following these intercommunal conflicts. Other displacements may have occurred in the province of Sila, but data is not yet available.

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