Central African Republic Regional Response Plan January - December 2014

This regional inter-agency appeal aims at mobilizing the emergency response for the influx of refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) since December 2013 to the Republics of Cameroon and Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo (RoC).
Immediate priorities to support the preservation of lives include the provision of food, individual and family protection, health and nutrition, water and sanitation and shelter.

This appeal complements the country Strategic Response Plans (SRP) for Cameroon, Chad and DRC which already take into consideration CAR refugees that existed in these countries before the current crisis. The SRPs therefore do not include the recent outflow of refugees to neighbouring countries, including the Republic of Congo. While responding to the specific and immediate protection needs of the refugee populations that had not been anticipated or included in the SRPs, the current appeal has been formulated in a manner that it remains fully in line with, and complements them, recognizing the double aim of the SRPs: to support affected and vulnerable populations in reducing their vulnerabilities so as to better cope with (natural or man-made) disaster situations and quickly recover; and to deliver integrated life-saving assistance. There is full complementarity. In implementing the response strategy, partners in this appeal will seek convergence between the imperatives of the emergency responses and the need to take into account in such responses, the less urgent but equally immediate need to move onto building community resilience.

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