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Central Africa - Floods (NOAA, UNHCR, Floodlist, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 23 October 2019)

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  • Heavy rain has affected countries in central Africa - particularly northern Cameroon, southern Chad, northern South Sudan, Uganda, and southeastern Niger - in the past two weeks, causing flooding.

  • Media report approximately 100,000 people affected across the transborder region of Southwestern Chad and Northeastern Cameroon, following the overflow of the Logone River and Lake Maga. Houses have been destroyed, roads flooded and bridges damaged.

  • In South Sudan, UNHCR reports that 200,000 people have been affected (including a high number of refugees) in Maban (former Upper Nile State). Further assessments are being conducted by humanitarian partners. According to government authorities, the total number of people affected across South Sudan is estimated between 600,000 and 800,000, with the east and north-east part of the country being particularly impacted. Immediate needs include emergency shelter, non-food items, health, water and sanitation, and emergency food. Public services, including hospitals and sanitation facilities, have been severely impacted.

  • In Uganda, 3 deaths were reported in Kasese District (Western Region). Around 950 households were affected, approximately 100 homes destroyed and several others damaged in eastern and western regions due to the Manafwa River overflow.

  • In Niger, 23,000 people were displaced and several houses damaged across Diffa Region due to the overflow of the Komadougou River.
    Over the next 72 hours, heavy rain is forecast over northern Cameroon, southern Chad, most of South Sudan, Uganda and central Cameroon.