C.A.R. Regional Impact Situation Report #4 25 June 2014

from World Food Programme
Published on 25 Jun 2014

In Numbers

110,000 persons have arrived in Chad (refugees, returnees) since January

106,119 refugees have been registered arriving Cameroon since January (in addition to stateless persons and Third Country Nationals)

More than 5,300 refugees have fled to RoC since January (2/3 arrived in Likouala district)

In DRC there are some 58,000 refugees from C.A.R. (new + previous caseload)

Situation Update

Spotlight: Cameroon UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF June 2014 nutrition mission report

Global acute malnutrition is found to affect 20 to 30 percent of refugee children aged 6-59 months; 40 percent of severe acute malnutrition cases present with complications and require in-patient care. One in five pregnant/lactating women is acutely malnourished.

Priority areas identified in order to save lives include: reinforce early screening; expand coverage of preventative support beyond established sites; expand treatment activities to children up to 10 years of age; reinforce access to and capacity of medical services; and reinforce nutrition content of food rations. Roles of each agency were laid out to ensure coordination and complementarity across activities. Funding presents a major constraint. The nutrition response is funded at only 2 percent, representing the second least-financed sector in the appeal.