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Cameroon – Chad Emergency (23 December 2021)


Pre-registration by UNHCR and Government is ongoing in Chad. So far, 26 out of 35 sites have been surveyed and 27,243 refugees have been pre-registered.

Though the security situation is now calmer in Far North Cameroon, humanitarian access to internally displaced persons remains limited. All people affected by this crisis have urgent unmet needs for shelter, core relief items and protection.

It is early to predict the evolution of the situation. The Level 2 emergency declaration in Chad and Level 1 emergency in Cameroon will help structure both the emergency and long-term response strategy.


100,000 refugees in Chad (estimate by Chad authorities)

So far 27,243 individuals have been pre-registered by UNHCR. Based on these preliminary results, UNHCR projects that 60,000 refugees will be registered

24,500 internally displaced persons in Far North Cameroon

Source: initial estimates by the RRM in Far North Cameroon. Exact figures as of 23/12/21: 24,497 IDPs.

62% of the refugees in Chad are children

Source: ongoing pre-registration of refugees in Chad by UNHCR and the authorities


Clashes between communities of herders, farmers and fishermen broke out on 5 December in the village of Ouloumsa, Far North Cameroon. Violence quickly spread to neighbouring villages before reaching Kousseri, the administrative centre and main commercial hub of Logone and Chari division, on 8 December.

Previous inter-communal clashes had taken place in August this year, and had displaced some 23,000 people across Cameroon and Chad. The repatriation of the 8,500 refugees who had remained in Chad was at an advanced stage of discussion between the two countries when the new clashes broke out.

On 15 December, a Level 2 emergency has been declared for the UNHCR Operation in Chad. The Level 1 emergency for Cameroon, which was declared following the previous inter-communal clashes in August, is maintained.