ACTED Newsletter No. 78 February 2012 [EN/FR]

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Published on 24 Feb 2012 View Original

FOCUS - Sahel: The food crisis looms

A future in dotted lines Log book of a mobile team at the gates of the Sahara Deprived of food and income “Many are those who would not cope without solidarity”

ACT The challenges of independence (South Sudan) When it rains, it pours (Uganda) Community leads hygiene promotion (Kenya) Concern about Abidjan’s school dropout rate (Cote d’Ivoire) A new dawn (Libya) Sanitation and hygiene promotion begin at school (Iraq) Girls on the move - Development through sports (Afghanistan) Saving energy at the end of the world (Tajikistan) Web-based mapping to mitigate conflict and build the peace (Kyrgyzstan) Making communities stronger against flooding where it matters most (India) Recovering from the floods in Eastern Sri Lanka Two years on, communities at the heart of recovery (Haiti)

INVEST The success story of an Afghan woman entrepreneur

ADVOCATE Pansons le Monde: Which solutions to ensure universal access to health?