ACORD Chad Programme Overview (Last updated: 16th June 2017)


ACORD (Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development) is a Pan-African non-governmental organisation that has been working for social justice and development in Africa since 1976. Our work is guided by a number of fundamental values and working principles, chief amongst these is our belief that people themselves are the primary actors in their own development.

ACORD works in common cause with people who are poor and those have been denied their rights to obtain social justice and development and, ultimately, to become part of locally-rooted citizen movements. ACORD has facilitated the emergence of over 2000 strong and autonomous grassroots organisations across Africa.

Country Priorities

In Chad, ACORD’s overarching goal is to contribute to the food security of marginalised communities through strengthened sustainable livelihoods in an environment of peace.


• Specific Objective 1: Strengthen agropastoral and risk mitigation strategies to improve the food security of rural populations in the context of climate change.


• Specific Objective 2: Contribute to the strengthening of the awareness of CSO leaders and local authorities, a critical understanding of their role and responsibility to eradicate poverty and promote justice, human rights, democracy and Good governance practices in the context of decentralization in Chad.

• Specific Objective 3: Contribute to the fight against violence and inequalities in women and young people and to contribute to the strengthening of their role and positive participation in economic and socio-political life.

• Specific Objective 4: Promote best health practices and contribute to better access to health care for rural communities.


• Specific Objective 5: Contribute to the improvement of the social climate by promoting better living together and setting up mechanisms for the prevention and settlement of conflicts between communities.