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UNHCR Central African Republic Situational Emergency Update - 8 March 2021

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Women and girls are the main victims of the conflict in CAR

Since the beginning of the crisis, UNHCR and partners have recorded 40 cases of rape (22 girls and 18 women) in Bouar, a market town in western CAR, including 95 per cent allegedly victimized by armed groups. The latest crisis has exacerbated the gender-based violence across the country.

Out of resources: CAR underfunded emergency

The situation in CAR has, for years, been one of the most consistently overlooked and underfunded in the world, forcing UNHCR and its humanitarian partners to reduce critical activities. This year, and this emergency, is unfortunately no different.

Preventing COVID-19 from spreading within communities

In recent weeks, positive COVID-19 cases have been identified among CAR refugees, especially in Cameroon. Prevention measures are being prioritized both to protect the displaced population and to prevent the spread of the virus in host communities.