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UNHCR Central African Republic Situational Emergency Update - 26 March 2021

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Ma Mbi Si (Listen to me too)

UNHCR, in collaboration with COOPI, has launched "Ma Mbi Si" project, with the primary purpose of bringing support to GBV survivors through listening centers. The program is managed by a team of psychosocial specialists and community focal points and offers case management support, legal and medical referrals with financial support, dignity kits, community support, and group activities led by local women.

Challenges reaching remote locations in the DRC

New asylum-seekers in the DRC are settled in more than 40 sites along a border spanning thousands of kilometres. Roads are in very poor condition or absent. Canoe rafts and makeshift bridges are often used to transport critical supplies and humanitarian staff.

Legislative elections results

On 21 March, the National Electoral Authority (ANE) published the provisional results of the legislative elections, declaring a total of 90 winners out of 140 contested sitting at the newly elected parliament.
These results are pending validation by the constitutional court.