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UNHCR Central African Republic Situational Emergency Update - 2 April 2021


Additional Gender-Based Violence centres expand existing support network

UNHCR, in collaboration with INTERSOS, has announced the opening of new centres in Kabo, Bouca, and Dekoa to support GBV survivors. These centres will respond to the critical increase of GBV cases in these communities, offering case management support, legal and medical referrals with financial support, dignity kits and community support.

Connectivity for humanitarian action

In DRC, UNHCR launched the Refugee Emergency Telecommunications Sector to provide communication services for humanitarian partners delivering assistance to refugees in field locations. This initiative includes dedicated internet connectivity for partners in the Yakoma Coordination Hub.

Displacement of Central Africans continues in Chad

In Chad, following clashes between rebel groups and government FACA forces and their allies in the northern border town of Markounda in CAR, 748 new refugees were registered between March 27 and 30. The registration process continues for the next few weeks.