TSF supports IRC in the Central African Republic

TSF sent a team to the Central African Republic (CAR) to support the work of NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC). Télécoms Sans Frontières will install HF radio links to connect IRC's offices in Bangui to those in Bocaranga and Kaga-Bandoro situated respectively 400 and 250 kilometers from the capital to facilitate coordination of IRC's operations. TSF will also equip IRC's vehicles with radio systems to ensure staff security and enable communication from the remotest areas of the country.

The IRC has launched a program that will rehabilitate 2,500 houses for people returning to their villages in the Central African Republic (CAR) after nearly two years of displacement.

In 2004, anti-government rebels took up arms in an effort to depose the government. By early 2006, tens of thousands of people from Nana Gribizi had fled their homes after being caught in a crossfire between rebel forces and government troops. Some escaped over the border into Chad, while others were forced to live under terrible conditions deep in the bush. After a peace deal was signed last year, displaced people started moving back to their villages.