Trust Fund for Victims suspends its activities in the Central African Republic


The Hague – The Trust Fund for Victims is closely monitoring the latest developments in the Central African Republic. The Trust Fund expresses its concerns in light of the recent events regarding the already precarious situation of the numerous victims of crimes under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. The Trust Fund also notes the political changes which are currently taking place.

In 2012, the Trust Fund for Victims, in the framework of its assistance mandate, had finalized an objective and transparent selection process for partners and projects. The beginning of 2013 should mark the actual start of the activities with a budget of €600,000 (approximately FCFA 300,000,000) in several regions of the country. The victims’ assistance programmes are to target victims who have suffered harm linked to the commission of crimes under the ICC jurisdiction, and particularly victims of sexual and gender based violence.

The Trust Fund will carefully monitor the unfolding political and security situation. It ensures its support to victims who have been waiting for years to receive assistance. The Trust Fund suspends all its activities until further notice. However, it will do everything possible to launch its activities as soon as the situation permits.

Background: The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV)

The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) is willing to implement its projects to assist victims of crimes committed in the Central African Republic (CAR). In preparation for its activities in the CAR, the TFV would like to explain and clarify its role in this situation.

In 2007, the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened an investigation into the situation in the CAR. This decision enabled the TFV to focus on the victims of crimes under the Court’s jurisdiction through its general assistance mandate. Following an evaluation mission carried out with a participatory and consultative approach in February 2009, the TFV defined an action plan for the CAR in order to offer multi-sectorial assistance to victims in general, and specifically to victims of sexual and gender based violence. As a result, the TFV launched a Call for Expressions of Interest from May to August 2011. About 20 organizations participated. The other steps of the process, in particular the orientation workshop, the call for proposals and legal proceedings, followed during the year 2012. The Procurement Review Committee contributed in order to ensure the transparency of TFV’s future action in the CAR. Finally, 6 organisations - promoting victims’ physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation and material support - have been selected during an objective and transparent process to implement their projects. The set budget is of € 600,000 for this first year 2013. This will enable the TFV to offer appropriate assistance to a maximum number of victims of crimes committed in the CAR. However, recent events have deteriorated the security situation which may result in a delay the effective implementation of those projects.