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Thousands flee to Chad after fighting in Central African Republic

Nairobi_(dpa) _ Almost 20,000 refugees have fled across the border into Chad following waves of fighting in the Central African Republic (CAR), reports said Thursday.

Rebels and government soldiers have clashed despite a peace deal. Some 18,000 people have entered Chad in the last few days as a result, the BBC reported.

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR wants to set up camps, but the government in Chad is reluctant, feeling that this could encourage more refugees. Chad already houses hundreds of thousands of refugees from Sudan's restive Darfur province.

According to the BBC, which carried out an investigation, CAR soldiers have been killing civilians.

They cited one incident where government troops shot dead 21 people at the village of Sokumba, near the border with Chad, accusing them of collaborating with the rebels. dpa ml mt


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