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Sudan: DEC launches Darfur appeal

News and Press Release
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HelpAge International through it's partner Help the Aged and the UK's other leading international aid charities have joined forces to launch an emergency appeal today (24th May 2007) to save lives in Darfur, Chad and the Central African Republic.

With 4.5 million people affected by the ongoing conflict, the looming rains are bringing the risk of deadly conditions like diarrhoea and malaria, especially for children, pregnant mothers and older people.

HelpAge International currently works with older people in 10 camps in and around Geneina town, including Mornei, Gokar, Sisi, Um Shalaya and Kerenik.

Older people make up around 8% of the populations of these camps and face many hardships:

- Around two thirds of older people have limited or no mobility

- One third are socially isolated,

- One third care for children

- more than 10% have not been able to secure World Food Programme ration cards.

HelpAge International provides shelter and food

We meet the basic needs of older people by providing essential items such as shelter, blankets and mosquito nets. HelpAge International also provides additional food to supplement existing World Food Programme rations, to 1,000 older people every month. We particularly target older-headed households with children.

We supports older people's health needs

We work with other non-governmental organisations to provide healthcare for older people at health centres in the camps, as well as, supporting clinics with supplies of appropriate age-related drugs. We also provide community donkey ambulances, run eye-camps and have established networks of community workers to carry out home visits.

Community centres for older people

Lastly HelpAge International has established community social centres where income generation activities are also carried out. We have started market gardens, including in Kerenik camp, to help older people to generate an income by selling vegetables and fruits locally.

Why we need your help

- To continue to provide shelter and other basic items for newly displaced people arriving daily in the camps

- Extend our feeding programme so we can reach more older people and intergenerational households

- Expand into the Habila and Furaburanga areas of West Darfur so we can reach more of those who need our help.

The DEC is an umbrella organisation that launches and coordinates the UK's national appeal in response to major disasters overseas. Our partner organisation, Help the Aged, is one of its members.

To donate to the Darfur and Chad Crisis Appeal you can call 0870 60 60 900 (national call rates), visit or donate at any post office or high street bank. Cheques made payable to Darfur & Chad Crisis can be sent to PO BOX 999, London, EC3A 3AA.