OCHA Flash Update 8 - Armed conflict, 15 December 2013

Situation Overview:

The security situation in Bangui continues to improve and gradually return to normalcy. However, the situation remains volatile and unpredictable. Inter-community rivalries persist leading to reciprocal killings and insecurity. In Bangui, the neighborhoods of Combatant,
Gobongo, Miskine and Benz-vie remain the most affected areas.

In Bossangoa, inter-community conflicts are ongoing with reports of shops being looted and burnt. Tension is also reported in Bozoum.

On 13 December, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon took the airwaves to make a personal appeal to the citizens CAR. “I am deeply troubled by what is happening in your country and I want to speak to you personally. Too many people are scared and the country is on the brink of ruin. I appeal to everyone to follow the path of peace. The bloodshed must stop. Do not allow the voices of hatred to sow division where none existed before. Whatever your faith or background, you share the same history and the same future. I call on religious and community leaders, Muslim and Christian; to act as messengers for peace”. “I have a clear message to all who would commit atrocities and crimes against humanity,” said Mr. Ban. “The world is watching. You will be held to account. The United Nations is committed to helping your country recover from this crisis. You are not alone and we will not abandon you.”

On 15 December, the President of the Transitional government Michel Djotodia fired three cabinet Ministers, according to a presidential decree: the Finance and Budget Minister Christophe Bremaidou, Security Minister Josue Binoua and Livestock Minister Joseph Bendounga. The Treasury Director Nicolas Geoffroy Gourna-Douath was also fired and the treasury accounts suspended until further notice.

Estimated impact:

The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) continues to increase as violence persists. In Bangui, there are over 189,000 IDPs gathered in over 40 sites, with the highest concentration in churches, religious sites and the Bangui international airport. An estimated 32,500 of these IDPs are in host communities. So far, more than 536i people have been killed over the past week in sectarian fighting.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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