MINUSCA denounces attack on staff in Bambari

MINUSCA has learned with dismay the attack on one of its staff while performing her duties on Tuesday morning in Bambari (Central CAR). MINUSCA’s official was wounded in the head while her team went to the village of Bornou to investigate the death of an individual.

The MINUSCA convoy was targeted by some stone-throwing demonstrators who broke the windows of the vehicles, causing the injury of the official who is currently undertaking treatment.

MINUSCA points out that investigations are under way to identify the perpetrator(s) of this unacceptable act. The Mission recalls that any attack on the United Nations and humanitarian personnel is a crime that is subject to prosecution by Central African and International Courts.

MINUSCA also calls on the Bambari communities to remain calm, to guard against any attempt to manipulate them, and to join efforts to strengthen living together in harmony and social cohesion, at a time when the city is gradually freeing itself from the presence of armed groups. MINUSCA reiterates its determination to impartially pursue its mission and to support national efforts to stabilize the Central African Republic.