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LRA Crisis Tracker Monthly Security Brief [November 2011]

Situation Report
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In relation to the first seven months of 2011, reported LRA attacks, killings, and abductions in November continued at lower levels for the fourth consecutive month. November had the second lowest number of reported LRA attacks of any month currently in the LRA Crisis Tracker database, which dates to December of 2009.

However, reported civilian killings and abductions have risen slightly compared to October 2011.

As in October, all reported LRA attacks in November took place in Haut Uele, Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo). Reported attacks in October 2011 were all centered in a 110 km-wide area west of Garamba National Park. In comparison, the dispersal of attacks in November expanded eastward to areas surrounding Faradje, as well as one attack directly north of Faradje, inside Garamba.

Several LRA Crisis Tracker sources indicate that LRA leader Joseph Kony likely remains in eastern Central African Republic (CAR). However, sources indicate that several LRA commanders have returned to Congo after gathering in CAR this year.