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LRA Crisis Tracker Monthly Security Brief [August 2011]

Situation Report
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The number of reported LRA attacks per month continued to fall sharply from June, with LRA forces reportedly perpetrating 11 attacks on civilians. August was the quietest month of LRA activity on record in 2011.

Over the course of the highlighted month, LRA forces reportedly killed two and abducted 21 civilians, matching Oct. 2010 with fewest civilians killed and marking the second-lowest level of abductions during the last 18 months.

Of 11 reported LRA attacks, nine took place in Haut Uele, Democractic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and two in Bas Uele, DRC. No attacks were reported in Central African Republic (CAR) or South Sudan (S. Sudan).

Measured by total number of civilians either killed, abducted or wounded, the reported attack in Banda, Bas Uele stood as the most severe attack in August, in which seven civilians were abducted and one wounded.