Humanitarian situation is deteriorating in Kaga Bandoro

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Kaga Bandoro, September 30, 2016 - The Humanitarian Coordinator for Central African Republic Fabrizio Hochschild, is deeply concern with the deterioration of the security situation which is negatively affecting the humanitarian action in Kaga Bandoro of Nana Gribizi Prefecture. "I am concerned by the continued attacks against humanitarian actors in Kaga Bandoro and elsewhere in Central Africa. I ask all to respect the International Humanitarian Law, which encompasses the fundamental principles of neutrality, independence, humanity and impartiality", said Fabrizio. During a field visit on 29 September, Fabrizio was informed of the departure of key humanitarian actors in the area following attacks and robbery with violence which has been frequent since the beginning of September. Between 9 and 26 September 2016, more than 16 security incidences involving humanitarians have been registered in Kaga Bandoro.

The Humanitarian Coordinator is further concerned by the negative consequences the suspension of humanitarian action will have on the needy people in the region. Currently, the departure of humanitarian organizations will affect negatively about 120,000 people who are food insecure and rely on assistance, 35,000 displaced persons who may not receive food aid from World Food Program and a UNICEF school feeding project to 25,000 children that has been put on halt.

Approximately 10 km east of Kaga Bandoro, the situation in Ndomété is deplorable. 70% of 3,200 people who had been displaced recently between 16 and 17 October have returned to Ndomété. The return is due to a slight improvement in the security situation after MINUSCA reinforced its presence in the area recently. The improvement in the security situation has allowed humanitarian actors to provide health and water; sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to this group of people. Distribution of medicine, management of trauma for Gender Based Violence cases, tracing of unaccompanied are also among key actions that have already been undertaken in the village of Ndomété.
Commenting on the need for Central African Republic to forge forward into a development mode he urged for violence to stop so that the civilians can enjoy the peace dividend. "There is an urgent need to break the cycle of violence, which is characterized as something of the past especially as the Central African Republic prepares to launch its recovery and stabilization plan", said Fabrizio.

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