GIEWS Country Brief: Central African Republic 08-April-2015

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  • Cropping season has started in southern part of the country amid concerns about continuing insecurity across the country

  • Crop production recovered in 2014 from sharplyreduced 2013 output, but still is 58 percent below pre-crisis average

  • Food access severely constrained due to destroyed livelihoods, reduced own production and sharply curtailed market activity

  • Food security situation continues to be of grave concern despite relative improvement following 2014 harvest

Cropping season has started against a backdrop of continuing insecurity

Sowing of the 2015 maize crop began in March in some areas of the south while sowing of the other main cereal crops is expected to start in other parts of the country in April and May and continue until June. Despite the current favourable weather conditions, planted area and agricultural operations are likely to be negatively impacted by widespread civil insecurity. The significant drop in food crop production over the past few years has led to the depletion of the already inadequate household productive assets. The Ministry of Agriculture, FAO, WFP and NGO partners are providing crop production support to vulnerable households across the country. FAO plans to assist 150 000 households through the distribution of seeds and farming tools but so far has secured funding to assist only 86 400 households.