DRC sends additional relief to continuing crisis in CAR

from Danish Refugee Council
Published on 15 Nov 2013 View Original

Tensions between religious groups are making matters worse in the Central African Republic (CAR) crisis, where instability has affected the country since the coup in March. Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has decided to send an additional 180,000 dollars to the province that is badly affected by the conflict.

About 60 percent of the houses in the town of Bouca in the Ouham district of Northwestern CAR were burnt down and the civil population forced to flee, when an armed group attacked the town in September. The region is already struggling under the present conflict that, in this case, began in December 2012 and is one of the districts that have been worst affected by the crisis. Violence and assaults across different groups have been going on for more than a year now and it all culminated with the coup in March. Since then there has been an increase in interreligious tensions – and this is worsening the crisis in the country.

“We are witnessing a clear increase of violence and the needs of relief aid are immense. People from Bouca have been on the run for almost two months, they are short on income and food. Their fields have been burnt to the ground and there is no access to medical aid. In addition they need a place to stay and the educational system has been shut down,” says DRC’s Head of Desk for CAR, Line Brylle.

Because of these conditions, DRC are sending an additional 180,000 US$ to the relief work in CAR, in order to send out more relief kits and prepare in case of new crises should emerge. New emergency crises are not unlikely in a country where armed conflicts have dominated for decades.

“There is a growing insecurity and a growing mistrust towards the different groups who are in control in the district. The civil authorities are weak and there is a huge circulation of homemade weapons. This is why we need to be ready if new crises or new displacements take place. I’m very happy that we are able to strengthen our efforts in this part of the country,” says Line Brylle.

In total more than a third of the 4.5 million people population is affected by the conflict – and more than 400.000 people are internally displaced.

DRC established itself in CAR in 2007 due to the urgent need of humanitarian aid in the country. On request by UN, DRC began their work in Paoua in the Northwestern district of Ouham-Pendé. Since then DRC have extended the work to cover the districts of Ouham and Bamingui-Bangoran as well. DRC works to improve the living conditions of the population by supplying food, drinking water and proper sanitary installments. DRC also works with protection and on rehabilitating the educational system.