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Chad- Analysis- September 2010

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Impact on Food Security

The Sahel area of Chad is chronically food insecure with the traditional 'hunger gap' from June to October. It is also hit by recurrent droughts. The cereal production of the 2009/2010 agricultural season was around 34% less than the previous five year average due to poor rains and pestilence. Moreover, pastoral areas have experienced two years of poor pasture and water conditions. This has led to widespread food insecurity (map).
According to a WFP assessment conducted in March 2010 in Kanem, Bahr el Gazel, Batha, Guera, Lac and Hadjer Lamis regions, 42.3% of the households were severely food insecure ( 1 102 000 persons) and 18.5% were moderately food insecure (480 000 persons). The proportion of food insecure population in the Sahel belt rose from 41% in 2009 to 61% in 2010.