Central African Republic VDPV2 Cases Response Situation Report (As of Sunday 9th June 2019)

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Epidemiology of Polio virus VDPV2 cases from:
- Bambari district, RS4, date of onset of case 02/05/2019
- Bimbo district, RS1, date of onset 06/05/2019.

Impacted Regions/districts
- 2 Regions (RS4 and RS1)
- Bambari in RS4 and Bimbo districts in RS1 Samples pending results
- 4/21 samples from contacts SIA Schedule
- Round 0: 16-19 June 2019 Scope for SIAs
- 3 Regions (RS4, RS6, RS1)
- RS4 (districts: Bambari, Kouango-Gtrimari
- RS6, (Alindao-Mingala district)
- RS1 (Bimbo district)

Target population for SIAs
- 71,465 children <5yrs Vaccine and logistics
- mOPV2
- Doses available: none
- Doses needed: 82,185 Funding situation
- No regret released to cover costs for initial activities

Situation summary

Two separate VDPV2 cases not genetically linked from AFP were confirmed on 29th May and 31 May 2019. On 30th May 2019, the MoH declared a public health emergency of national concern as per global guidelines. The first case reported was from Bambari district, RS4 region with date of onset of paralysis on 2nd May 2019. The case of a 3 year old female habiting in a semi nomadic breeder family was picked from an IDP camp with zero doses from routine and SIAs. A total of 21 samples (12 contacts, 8 Community and 1 blood) were collected with 6/17 samples tested were PV2s while 4 samples are pending lab results. A second VDPV2 case was picked in a village from Bimbo was detected. Seventeen contacts were collected and are pending lab results.