Central African Republic: Thousands of malnourished children treated in 2016

In the Central African Republic, the ICRC has a delegation in Bangui, sub-delegations in Kaga Bandoro, Bambari, Ndélé and Bangui (covering the west of the country), and an office in Birao.

In 2016, we improved access to emergency and routine medical care and upgraded water and sanitation infrastructure. We helped people meet their basic needs, restored family links, visited detainees and promoted international humanitarian law. Many of our activities were carried out in tandem with the Central African Red Cross Society.

Highlights of our work in the Central African Republic:

  • 48,000 people received essential household items and more than 7,200 received emergency food rations.

  • 60,000 people in Bambari, Kaga Bandoro and Paoua – mainly displaced people and returnees – were provided with seeds and tools to help them start growing crops again.

  • 96 children and 11 vulnerable adults were reunited with their families, which involved 59 cross-border operations.

  • 610,000 people in Bangui and Ndélé enjoyed improved access to drinking water.

  • 770 operations were carried out by our surgeons, and 2,765 malnourished children – including 345 with severe acute malnutrition – were treated in therapeutic feeding centres in Kaga Bandoro and other local towns.

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